Problems with 66mb of memory in ASR-X Pro's

Q: I just put 66mb's in my ASR-X Pro, and now it's acting funny. I get strange distortion when I sample, and sometimes the display is erratic. When I remove one of the SIMM's (doesn't matter which one), it goes away. What gives?

A: Below is an apparently official post from E-mu. Summarized, it's either bad SIMM's or dirty SIMM slots. First, here's a suggested procedure in case you are affected by this problem.


If that does not work, try:


If that does not work, return your ASR-X Pro to your seller and request another one. Bring along the SIMM's and request that they test the new ASR-X Pro unit with these SIMM's in there - and test it with uses above 34mb. It's a Emu's and the Emu dealers's responsibility to get you a working unit.

***************************************FROM EMU ***************************************************

The ASR-X Pro can exhibit peculiar behavior when 64 meg of RAM has been installed. After some time of research we have found that it is not a technical or software based malfunction. It is simply a dirty SIMM socket, or the wrong SIMM's are in use.

There are a few tools needed to rectify the situation; any electronics store or possibly even a Radio Shack carries them.

Cleaning Instructions

Correct SIMM description for the ASR-X/X Pro

If your unit is still displaying odd behavior, please take your unit AND THE SIMM's to an authorized service center for further diagnosis and repair.

Contributed by Emu

Article contributed by: Garth Hjelte

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