Problems with Monophonic Mode

Q: I sampled this Minimoog sound, and it sounds pretty good. But when I put it into my ASR-X Pro, it doesn't play like the original. I use the monophonic mod set to on. I want to sell my Mini - is there a right way to do this?

A: Not really. A usual single-triggering (like the MiniMoog) Mono mode should NEVER "note-off" a previous note before the note is released. For example, if you press down middle C, and then play the G above that, the C will stop playing and the G will sound. However, if you release the G and keep the C pressed, the note sounding should immediately go back to the C.

The ASR-X has the same Mono mode as the old EPS/ASR "multiple" GlideMode setting; in other words, it forgets about the previous note that was played. You'll have to find another solution to sample your Minimoog - I wouldn't do it on the X.

Contributed by: Garth Hjelte

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