Wavesample Names in Translation

There's a problem that can come up when translating EPS/ASR instruments with the ASR-X directly. The EPS/ASR, when sampling, initially names a wavesample UNNAMED WS. This will remained named this way if it is not changed. Many people will have instruments that have tons of samples, all named UNNAMED WS. When the ASR-X imports these, it retains the names. So when you load the ASR-X sound after saving it, by the second sample the ASR-X displays the annoying message "UNNAMED already loaded-load again?" The ASR-X refers to wavesamples within it's RAM by the wavesample name, and tries to disallow duplication of wavedata by warning you that the wavesample is already loaded. If you press YES, the ASR-X will load the sample just fine; if you press NO, the ASR-X may give you a WRONG SAMPLE SIZE error message and will stop the loading process.

It becomes even trickier when you want to save such an imported instrument as part of an SESSION file, since the ASR-X skips the dialog and just assumes that you will NOT want to load identical samples (which is only what the ASR-X believes as they have the same name) several times, which may immediately result in the WRONG SAMPLE SIZE error message and thus make the SESSION file useless.

One solution, as much work as it may be, is to individually rename the samples of your EPS/ASR instruments on a EPS/ASR (via the WAVESAMPLE INFORMATION page) or on an RCS Tools program before importing it into the ASR-X.

Another solution is to use the ASR-X Tools program to translate your instruments - the translation program does not use the wavesample names IF they are not unique.

Note: most Ensoniq CD-ROM's as well as some 3rd party CD-ROM's for the EPS/ASR have individual names for every sample and thus don't suffer as much from this problem.

Contributed by: Derek Von Krogh (additional information by Garth Hjelte)

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