Using Silence Note for Triggering

If you do lot's of resampling of your own sequences then this tip could save you a lot of time and hassle. Let's say you have two tracks on the X sequencer, one drum track and one bass track. We want to resample them both down into 4 measure loops and then sequence those loops.

You have a few options when resampling. You can trigger the resampling to begin with either a note event, manually, or with threshold. Note event is typically the most precise way to accomplish this so we will use this method. So we use it to resample the drum track, when the first note of the track occurs, the resampling is triggered and you press stop when it is over.

Next up we have to resample the bass. But this is where we run into problems. Our drum track was fine because it has a note in the very first position so it triggered the resampling fine. But our bass track doesn't have a note occurrence until half-way through the first measure. What to do? How do you match it up with the drum track?

Well, you could use the note event trigger and then start the bass track sample half way through the first measure and hope it syncs up, but here is a much more precise way: Go to an empty track and make it's sound "UTILITY: SILENCE" Now use step record to insert a note of this silence at the first position in you sequence. Now mute you drum track and leave only the bass track and the silence track un-muted and begin resampling. The silence note will not sound in you sample, but it will trigger the resampling to begin at the correct time so that now you drum and bass samples match up.

Contributor: Scott Hansen

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