Getting good sub-bass sounds

This is a tip on how to get a good sub bass sound from the x - all that is needed is the X-series sample CD that comes with the ASR-X.

Try sampling the second test tone at the end of the CD, this seems to be a simple sine wave. Just sample for about 5-6 seconds. If your sample ends with a click (which is quite likely) then you can adjust the sample end point, and if it starts with a click just try raising the attack time on envelope 3 to around 10 or so. To get the bass sound (which is similar to the test tone on Akai samplers) just adjust the tuning on the pad and drop it to -30 (that's why it's not too important how long the original sample is as this pitching down will elongate the sample anyway).

Then from here its simple - just either copy the sample across the keyboard or make a RAMkit etc. Also, for that warping distorted jungle bass sound, just try hitting 2 or 3 pads at once of the test tone sample - keep trying different combinations until it warps in a nice way - you can then resample this and layer this across the keyboard as well... Other things that work well with this sound is a bit of filtering and also putting glide mode on, which is also great for jungle style bass.

Contributor: John Myers

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