ASR-X Disk Handling and Norton/ScanDisk

Question: I've been having troubles recently saving to my Zip drive. Has anyone had this problem: you try to save an ALL SESSION file, and when it starts saving the required sound files, after erasing the old files, it says "DISK WRITE FAILED!" or "CANNOT OPEN FILE!" or "UNKNOWN ERROR 103" ? Sometimes when I go to re-save, it will work; sometimes not, which is very frustrating, since it already erased the old files!

Answer: My experience with the ASR-X is that the disk handling could be better - on the floppy, ZipDrive, or whatever. Save your work often, keep backups.

It's also helpful to ScanDisk, Norton, or Nuts & Bolts your volumes if you use them often, especially the hard drives. Note: if you use the latest version of Norton (SystemWorks), you will always get an error noting "Invalid Dates" and "Invalid Timestamps". This is probably because the ASR-X does not save time or date information on it's files - it can't, since it has no time/date clock. Clicking yes just writes time/date info on the files, which is OK with the ASR-X with no apparent problems.

I don't believe Norton 7.0 had that problem, and Scan Disk does not detect it either - although ScanDisk is not as thorough as Norton. I have not checked Helix's Nuts and Bolts.

Contributor: Garth Hjelte

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