Programming Transwaves on the ASR-X

A Transwave is an Ensoniq idea; a great idea, as a matter of fact. A working Transwave is made up of two parts:

Transwaves are moderately difficult to sample and build properly. They must follow certain rules in order to avoid clicking or other distortions. However, many good click-free Transwaves have been made. Sources include Waveboy's TranswaveLibrary for the EPS/ASR, several sounds on RCS's Chicken CD-ROM II, and "Art of Transwaves" CD-ROM by Derek Von Krogh, and perhaps more.

The ASR-X has 1 Transwave as an internal ROM wave. The EXP cards have many more (especially EXP-3).

So the first part of the equation is relatively easy. You can load a pre-made Transwave or use one of the ROM transwaves to start your Transwave journey.

But what about programming the modulation of your Transwave? Perhaps you want to adjust the Transwave using velocity. How do you do it? Where's the parameter?

The ASR-X supports Transwave Modulation, using these parameters plus an extra undocumented one:

The first three set up the Transwave modulation. The fourth enables Transwave Looping; unfortunately, the ASR-X front panel interface does not include this option (thanks, Ensoniq). Unisyn does not include this parameter either. RCS has incorporated it into the latest version of ASR-X Tools.

So what does this mean to you? Try these things:

Have fun!

Contributor: Garth Hjelte

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